At Luminous Wealth Management, we specialize in providing independent, comprehensive, boutique-style service to our clients, supporting them through:

  • Working to set long-term financial goals that suit your individual needs
  • Creating a personalized long-term strategy for your financial life
  • Selecting tax efficient investments
  • Achieving philanthropic goals
  • Planning for a secure, cost-effective transfer of your estate

Wealth Management Strategies: Whether you're approaching, enjoying, or nowhere near retirement, we can help bring the pieces of your financial life together. At Luminous Wealth Management, making your money last a lifetime while still living your unique life is our primary focus. Our approach consists of thoroughly understanding you and identifying individual and family goals, dreams, and obstacles. Together, we will build a portfolio that reflects your cash flow needs, investment time frame, and tax situation.

Our role doesn't stop there. Knowing when to draw upon certain sources of income is critical to making your savings last. As your wealth manager, we have multiple strategies that we can implement based on the ever-changing financial landscape, ultimately helping you maximize returns and reach your investment goals. We expect your life to change and will continually monitor your financial progress, evaluate your plan with you on a regular basis, and revise our strategies as needed.

At Luminous Wealth Management, we use state of the art financial planning technology, including a personal financial website that allows you to connect bank accounts and set alerts for financial changes you deem important for your family. In addition, you will have access to a personal online vault, which allows you to save valuable personal information securely and privately. We also hold client files on a digital vault, held safely behind multiple encryption measures. 

Investing for Your Future: We recognize that the goal of investing is to ensure financial security later in life, and that the legacy you leave is important to you and your loved ones. We believe that before you begin to build real wealth, you need to have a strategy to protect it. We will help you identify risks that could affect not only you, but potentially your family, and show you cost-effective options to reduce those risks. Our responsibility is to help review your options to make smart decisions now so your family doesn't have to deal with surprises in the future.